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Zoë Elder, Executive Director, Clevedon Learning Hub, independent education consultant, author of Full On Learning
This is the book on educational research that we've been waiting for and it couldn't be more timely. Wood and Smith set out to ignite readers' interest in understanding and conducting their own research and Educational Research fulfils that promise. For teachers across the land who strive to make learning brilliant for every student in front of them early on a Monday morning, this book offers a practical and insightful guide.

Educational Research pulls off a great balancing act. It recognises the importance of hanging on to the creative spark of interest that first ignited your research questions while challenging you to be methodical and systematic in your approach. The gift of this book is that it explains how to do both.

Educational Research provides an engaging insight into research principles, methods and frameworks. Every step of the research process is clearly presented: from the design of surveys and questionnaires and getting the most out of interviews, all the way to thinking about how best to analyse and present your data.

Importantly, Wood and Smith have placed ethics at the heart of this book. The principles of honesty, transparency and care underpin every stage of the research process as they describe it. Crafting any educational research project using Educational Research will set you on the path to results that are credible, fairer and more robust.

So, this book is a goldmine for any teacher who regularly asks themselves, -˜What changes do I want or need to see?', -˜How will I bring these about?' and -˜What will I try then?' The delight of this book is that it also gives us an answer to the final impact question, -˜-¦and how will I truly know it's made a difference?' Packed with practical tools, examples and reflective questions, Educational Research will add to and expand the research repertoire of every classroom teacher.

So simply open up the first page and get started.
Guest | 20/01/2016 00:00
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