Product reviews for Ticked Off

Kieran Dhunna Halliwell (Ezzy_Moon), researcher and consultant
Harry's book acts as an empathetic guide to support efficiency, balancing the complexities of education as a whole and the role of being a teacher. This is not necessarily a how-to style book; it shares Harry's reflections on what works for him and the understandings he has, offering measured and balanced reflections for improving as students, teachers, leaders; and within teaching itself. In sharing his perceptions of his practice, and how he has subsequently developed, the reader cannot help but consider their own practice and embark upon a journey in which their own styles are audited.

I love that this book is not written by a stereotypically organised person. For the rest of us who struggle at this, Harry isn't condescending or judgemental and has an approachable, comfortable tone; it's as if you're sat in the staffroom chatting with him!
Guest | 25/01/2016 00:00
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