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Kayodi Olatuyi, the Coaching Academy
To work effectively with a client, a coach needs an extended frame of reference for new and creative tools. In this, Dr. McLeod could hardly have rendered a better service to the world of coaching than by writing this book. The book is at once a challenge, a stimulus and incitement to readers and practitioners in the field of performance coaching.

The book is profoundly original in its examples and advice, all of which is a clear manifestation of the rare combination of the skills of Coaching, Counselling, NLP and Psychotherapy, which the author has got in abundance from research and practise.

So many things commend this book to the discerning reader, the first of which is its adequate structure, a functional content list, which allows the reader to choose from any page in the book as if it stands alone and without a sense of loss for not reading previous pages or chapter.

Much more significant is the book's idea of -˜tools', structured in bold typeface to remind and summarize the points being made. Particularly useful is the -˜linguistic tips', which no doubt would equip the reader's repertoire of questioning skills.

Coaches who desire to have a successful practice would benefit immensely from the chapter devoted to possible problem areas in a coaching relationship, such as the issue of sexual attraction and psychological projection between coach and coachee.

Performance Coaching is completely readable. It is written in short storytelling format in which the author recounts coaching scenarios.
Guest | 14/09/2004 01:00
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