John West-Burnham, Professor of Educational Leadership, St Mary's University College
Oakes and Griffin have produced a remarkable resource that offers a significant guide to enhancing teaching and learning at A level, but with implications beyond years 12 and 13. The resource is firstly a very practical guide to support the -˜how' of effective learning as well as the -˜what'. As such it provides a necessary antidote to an approach based on managing information and develops a coherent strategy to empower students' understanding and help them become confident self-managing and self-aware learners. The second important point about this resource is that it provides a model that will stimulate professional dialogue around such approaches in primary schools and years 7 to 11. The materials will also serve as a very powerful preparation for studying in higher education and employment.

Oakes and Griffin are to be congratulated and thanked for a highly practical, relevant and supportive resource.
Guest | 11/02/2016 00:00
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