Caroline Lee, Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Head Teacher, Brighouse Sixth Form College
This book is very obviously written by those who have had the experience (and pleasure) of working with sixth form students and the challenges that supporting them to achieve their potential brings!

The mindset approach, although based on research and theory, feels very real in the strategies and suggestions put forward. The practical and easy-to-follow strategies will support both the sixth form pastoral team, those involved in motivating sometimes the demotivated, with strategies such as the dashboard activity and 20 questions, but also the A level teacher looking for ways to strengthen resilience through practices such as The 3 R's of Habit.
The variety of strategies will ensure there will be a right fit for every student, something to -˜turn the light on', and ensure they have a passion for learning.
Not all sixth form students fit one mould and the added advantage of this approach is that it will challenge and support the most able in achieving the highest grades, and inspire those students who have lost their way to find it!
I look forward to trying these techniques both in the classroom and also in more personal one-to-one intervention sessions. I strongly believe that this book will support the drive in any sixth form to raise achievement and also help develop a positive ethos which all staff can contribute to. A really positive and motivational tool for all heads of sixth form.
Guest | 11/02/2016 00:00
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