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Mike Palmer, Managing Director, Professional Training Solutions UK
I recall many years ago holding a discussion with a colleague that a young trainee working for the department required some further development in their role.

Preparing some notes to help the young trainee, I found myself automatically going into training mode. The difference between the approach of training and coaching is not something we always appreciate.

However Angus McLeods excellent book on Performance Coaching provides a superb insight into the skills we require to become an effective coach.

The approach to the subject makes the book very interesting reading for managers or anybody requiring developing their coaching skills. The author allows us to fully explore the whole array of coaching ideas starting from the basics of definition to the approach of “e mentoring”.

A particularly useful aspect of Angus's book is the effective use of “Linguistic Tips” strategically highlighted through the book. I found examples such as “positive intention” an interesting issue to stop and consider the impact this issue can have on achieving good coaching skills.

Performance Coaching is one of the significant books in its field exploring the subject in a practical and informative way. The basics of coaching issues, effecting change, coaching practice, developmental models. Coaching tools, pitfalls and the use of modern technology allows the reader to gain a wealth of knowledge in the subject.

A specific interesting point is that Performance Coaching has many conversations recorded throughout the book that have taken place between Angus and others. These serve to provide excellent examples of effective coaching skills while at the same time holding the readers interest.

Angus's own coaching model of “STEPPA” offers us with an interesting new approach to coaching. He helps us use this acronym to explore the effective use of clarifying the subject, setting target objectives, considering the emotional context to the subject, evaluate the perception, planning, checking the coaching pace and understanding and how to adjust when required.

After reading Performance Coaching I felt that the author had certainly increased my skills and understanding in being an effective coach. The book certainly accomplishes its goals in an interesting and informative way.

Compared with other books of the subject matter I certainly found that Angus has achieved a superb book with practical and informative examples, which matches some of the best books I have read on the subject.

Overall Performance Coaching is an ideal book for managers, or indeed anyone looking to develop their coaching skills.
Guest | 14/09/2004 01:00
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