Product reviews for Performance Coaching

Ross Maynard FCMA, MCIM, Psychological Business Services Ltd
NLP enables us to develop the crucial behaviours, techniques (verbal and non-verbal), and mindsets that deliver excellence in communication and influencing. NLP can, therefore, be invaluable in business and in coaching because it helps us, and those we interact with, to achieve clear goals. Angus McLeod's book effortlessly applies a range of NLP, and other, techniques to business coaching. Easy to read and full of examples, this book is essential reading for all coaches. I also recommend it for those interested in the applications of NLP to management since it explains and illustrates many NLP tools extremely well. Indeed, I have never seen techniques such as anchoring, submodalities and logical levels better explained in a business context. Personally I would have liked more on the meta-model, and on the presuppositions of NLP, but this is a minor point. Overall this book is excellent and highly recommended for business coaches and managers alike.
Guest | 14/09/2004 01:00
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