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Will Thomas, Performance Coach and Training Consultant, Vision4Learning
Quite simply “the coach's companion”.

In less than 300 pages this text succinctly walks to every place a coach needs to go. Written in the kind of clean, simple language that you would expect of the best of communicators, McLeod has created the A-Z of coaching practice. He has captured the heart of promoting self-motivation in all its guises, in the principles he describes. He illustrates them with clear examples that both the novice and more experienced coach can easily relate to. Packed full of solutions and tools, from advanced linguistic pattern tips to the nitty gritty of coaching pitfalls, this book is never far from the reality of brokering change. Intense, and compelling, McLeod treats the subject with rigor and pace. An intelligent approach to indexing allows easy access to every part of this compact read, so you can navigate the tips, tools and theoretical models you need without delay.

Coaching continues to emerge in the UK and its shape and form are still illusive and misunderstood by many. Performance Coaching goes a long way towards giving readers a feel for one of the most powerful skill sets currently available.

Whilst you may not agree entirely with everything he has to say, you are listening to McLeod as he challenges you, asks questions and very definitely moves you to the next level.

You cannot help but be an even better coach for reading it. It has to be currently the most accessible and valuable coaching text around.
Guest | 14/09/2004 01:00
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