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Karen Donley, HR Director UK, MBDA Missile systems
Performance Coaching (The handbook for Managers, HR Professionals and Coaches) by Angus McLeod is just one big experience, its sets standards and it offers tools, tips and reflections and it allows you to feel and experience certain situations. It is like entering a memory and being able to reference parts as and when required.

Recently Angus trained myself and my direct reports(all of whom are HR professionals) in coaching skills, and at the end of that training handed to us his book, duly annotated with personal comments to each attendee.

It brings tools and techniques, definitions of coaching; signposts for each chapter at the beginning of the book, examples of specific conversations ” it is resourceful in your career developing as a coach.

I found the book to be conditioning to my mind in terms of how I wanted to develop my coaching skills and what my aspirations were in my self development. I also found it timeless. Due to its format you really can use this a reference when you need to look something up, remind yourself, consider options, and learn more etc. etc. It really does grow your mind to different types of coaching.

This book is an instrument to people at all levels of experience of coaching to self develop themselves and their personal formation as a coach. It calibrates thoughts and it provokes challenge.

This book is coaching itself ” it is written in a way that embraces your mind and helps you develop. At the end of the day this book has a real connection with business delivery and how you can make good leaders great and great leaders deliver the business!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this book 9. However just to be clear I never give more than 8, as 8 is 10 for me. Buy it and I guarantee you will keep it by your side as you develop your style and impact on the business. Highly recommended!
Guest | 22/09/2005 01:00
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