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Helen Mulley, editor, Teach Secondary
What is Clean Language? Essentially, it's a method of communication that removes all filters and prejudices, allowing the person using it to access and begin to comprehend the complex and unique metaphors that shape the perceptions of another human being. This happens through a series of questions that are asked in a particular way, alongside mindful and receptive listening to the responses they elicit; and, when done consistently, can result in astonishing levels of connection and understanding.

In this beautifully thoughtful book, Julie McCracken shares her experience of using Clean Language in classrooms and explains how an increased understanding of its potential has refined her practice over the course of a decade or so - teaching her to trust children's resourcefulness; to listen, respectfully and without assumptions; to work with them to create the conditions in which they can learn best; and never to limit them through expectations.

Despite many magical moments, there is nothing fey or romantic about Clean Language in the Classroom. It's a practical and methodological guide to a pedagogical approach which, as a parent whose son was lucky enough to spend two years being taught by McCracken, I can confirm is capable of producing incredible outcomes; not just academically, but in terms of the development of the whole child as a confident, thinking, curious individual, always looking for where his learning will take him next.
Guest | 26/02/2016 00:00
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