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Judy Barber
-˜Whether or not you are new to coaching this is an important book. I read it when starting out as a coach in 2003. Re-reading it I realise how much I learned that easily became second nature. Because coaching is about creating a good space for the coachee/client it can feel as if there is not much to it. The client/coachee does it all. But it is the -˜not much' that is important, the attentive respectful listening and the well-timed good questions with so much skill behind them.

-˜Angus quite rightly says -˜...the skills of the coach can be more of a way of -˜being'' than a package of skills used for coaching intervention.' And it is crucial to keep learning and revising your skills in order to make the most of your own way of being as a coach.

-˜In -˜Performance Coaching' Angus McLeod teaches through dialogues between himself as coach and different coachees. This brings life to the techniques. The examples are from coaching at work, but are just as useful for freelance life coaches and others who wish to master coaching skills for professional helping conversations. You can see exactly how gentle questions enable coachees to find new understanding and confidence, and how people become able to identify practical steps. Everything Angus does as coach is explained in accompanying linguistic tips, tools and interventions, so you can easily transfer skills into your own work. He includes NLP, story-telling, -˜Clean' metaphor work - and much else which is valuable to know for coaching.

Buy -˜Performance Coaching', read it, re-read it and make good use of a very thoughtful and practical book'.
Guest | 27/06/2011 01:00
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