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Brian Wakeman Freelance Educational Consultant
`Performance Coaching` by Angus McLeod - five years ago we were familiar with -˜performance management' in secondary schools in UK, but suspicious of terms like -˜performance coaching' imported from commercial settings. Today when this reviewer visits schools he listens to colleagues explaining their new roles in coaching performance, and see notices about -˜coaching' on staff-room boards. The climate has changed, and there is a new language, and skill set teachers are acquiring.

McLeod who has an impressive track-records on writing about coaching, organizing a diploma course at Newcastle University, and world-wide consultancy has written his book to be accessible to managers, but providing structure and content for methodological experts. He gives insights into both the language and tools of coaching in earlier chapters, then explains how coaching can be applied to organizations. Chapter five explores methods taken from development models, and chapter six looks at some of the philosophies and methods underlying executive coaching. Readers will find various resources, and a glossary of terms. The author draws together what he sees as the best of existing coaching models and builds upon them. There is discussion of coaching pitfalls and how to avoid them in chapter 8 which might be required reading for educational institutions introducing performance coaching. Thoughtful readers in the various worlds of education will find this book stimulating for reflective thought about how the insights of this writing can be related to their professional setting.
Guest | 18/05/2012 01:00
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