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John T Morris BA(Hons),MEd,MPhil,CertEd, Director at Ymgynghorwyr Addysg JTM Educational Consultants
Evidence shows that a number of teachers and managers are leaving teaching due to the increasing pressure to manage issues in addition to preparation, delivery of learning, marking, tracking of progress and engagement. This is a practical and easily read text which will support and extend the confidence of the reader to reflect on their current practice linked to examples of practice and realistic evidence which will reduce pressure on limited time. Harry Fletcher highlights the struggles faced by teachers at all levels and how checklists can be effectively used “to devote time, energy and attention to focus on the tasks that matter most”. He has based his ideas on Atul Guarande's work on the “checklist manifesto”.  From personal experience I know that without the checklists devised by my wife before camping holidays with details of what was needed and who in the family was responsible, our travels to France, Switzerland, etc would not have been so successful and harmonious. I implemented checklists at a basic level in my roles as headteacher, adviser and Ofsted inspector, but Harry's ideas take the practice to a far more effective level. 

I would particularly recommend this book for teachers new to the profession and those who have become bogged down with, and frustrated by, the “administrative
extras”. This book will enable the reader to gain the skills of prioritising tasks and creating time for their personal lives.
Guest | 03/03/2016 00:00
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