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Caitlin Walker, developer of Systemic Modelling, author of From Contempt to Curiosity
Julie McCracken takes us on a journey through Clean Language, metaphors and meta-learning. As well as an introduction to Clean Language and the benefits of using it in your classroom, McCracken's book is also a coaching course for teachers. She thinks not only of the benefits to the children and their learning but also of the needs of a busy teacher wanting to take on a new tool in a complex classroom environment.

Metaphors are not just concepts to be taught in literacy but become windows into our children's thinking and aids to communication and deep learning. Facilitating a whole class to develop metaphors for learning at their best is one of the best gifts a teacher can offer their students. Julie McCracken shares how to create the optimum conditions to do just that. Learners who know how they and their peers learn at their best can support themselves and one another to create and maintain great learning states.

Julie McCracken so smoothly translates Tompkins and Lawley's methods for use in the classroom - she creates a coaching culture across her classroom where pupils help themselves and one another to learn at their best. She shows teachers how to use Clean Language for improving behaviour management, maths, handwriting and literature - and most importantly it's about getting the children to help themselves and frame their needs in a way that leaves room for others to have their needs met at the same time.

What's so gorgeous about Julie McCracken's book is not just the practical way Clean Language is introduced and used but also the stories of how children develop the skills to learn together in curiosity and collaboration. This is a wonderful resource for teachers and for their pupils - it brings together a simple tool, innovative applications and inspiring stories. It's a must for any teacher looking to extend their own listening and questioning skills, who truly believes that children will learn what they see and hear.
Guest | 16/03/2016 00:00
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