Product reviews for Clean Language in the Classroom

Dr Paul Tosey, independent consultant, Honorary Visiting Fellow, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey
During my career I have been privileged to work with many students who have genuinely enquiring minds. It is not always easy to know how to nurture an enquiring attitude - there is often much about formal education that seems to discourage curiosity. How heartening, therefore, to find that Julie McCracken has provided such a readable, practical guide to enabling schoolchildren and their teachers to use the simple yet immensely productive tools of Clean Language. Time and again within these pages Julie demonstrates how the astonishing capacity of young children for enquiry and self-management can be let loose, often by using just one or two questions. Naturally, given Julie's professional experience and expertise, this book is concerned with schools; even so, its contents have the potential to inspire and be applied by educators at all levels.
Guest | 16/03/2016 00:00
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