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QA Education Magazine, Issue 101
In a busy work environment -˜checklists' can be handy for anyone working to keep lots of different plates spinning.

Many professionals carry the technique into their private lives to manage personal commitments away from the school, or office. Harry Fletcher-Wood's book,Ticked Off, offers something tailored to the field of education - checklists, for teachers, students and school leaders. The resources aim to set educators free, so they can devote more time, energy and attention to focusing on the tasks that matter most. As well as supporting teachers the book offers help to students in completing tasks on time.

Ticked Off is for anyone who has ever gone cap in hand to colleagues or managers to apologise that the data, seating plans, or replies they expected have slipped their mind. There are checklists to simplify procedural tasks for students, including help to plan an essay, draw a graph, and how to write a brilliant paragraph!

For teachers the checklists explore -˜How I can convey my vision', -˜Am I ready to start the lesson?' and -˜Am I meeting all my students' needs?'. The book is simply set out and consequently very quick to dip into, providing useful tips and inspiration. Especially it is a useful prompt to the detail which it is sometimes easy to overlook when pushed for time.

School leaders today are facing increasing pressure with a vital role in schools. They often have to make difficult decisions in limited time and the book offers a number of checklists for leaders which could prove to be very useful - both to leaders with lots of experience and those new to the role.

The leaders' checklists include -˜How can I keep staff happy?', -˜How do I design a powerful CPD session?' and -˜How can I make a difficult conversation manageable?'.

The book is a very up-to-date, forward thinking read. Even for those who are not huge fans of checklists there's lots of useful guidance notes to help teachers and others be more effective, which is particularly useful when the workload for many means there never seem to be enough hours in the day.

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