Product reviews for Big Ideas in Education

Alun Morgan, freelance education consultant
Each of the big ideas is discussed within the framework of four questions: what is the big idea, who is behind it, why is it important and what can you do? The end product is a very expert synthesis of an extensive range of educational research, both in the UK and in other societies. It is presented in an accessible style and varied format that includes very useful charts and checklists. This includes a very useful framework of conclusions, summaries and points for reflection and action at the end of each of the chapters. The chapters on skills and instruction, on their own, make this book worth buying. Even though much more of the often very effective guidance and advice seems pitched at teaching in a primary school, no one who teaches in a school or teacher-training centre should be without this book.

The author is ready to acknowledge gaps. He states that, -˜Some big ideas in education have not been included even though there are strong arguments to do so - specifically about the teaching of literacy and numeracy, or more generally about parental engagement, tackling educational disadvantage or promoting behaviour for learning.' These four issues are central to both the work with trainee teachers and the professional development of qualified teachers. They are critical areas to focus on if standards of pupils' achievement and quality of teaching and learning are to improve. Given the quality of this book it is to be hoped that Dr Grigg will soon find opportunity to turn his attention to addressing them with the same depth and clarity that characterise his coverage of the twelve big ideas he considers in this very impressive book.
Guest | 29/04/2016 01:00
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