Professor Katherine Ware, Health Education. Volume 102 Number 2 pp. 84-86
Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom by Michael Brearley provides a clear account of some practical strategies for integrating emotional intelligence across the school curriculum. A major strength of the book is the way in which it links affective and cognitive learning, demonstrating ways in which emotional factors underline learning in general, and are central to the teaching of thinking skills and accelerated learning. It draws on the work of theorists such as Maslow, Porter and Gardner, showing how ideas can be put to work by teachers in helping them understand how people learn and plan more effective learning. This book explores techniques for self review of the 'habits, attitudes, beliefs and emotions of success', including several useful self completion inventories. It is full of useful ideas and is a treasure house for teachers and lecturers trying to teach about emotional intelligence in ways which practitioners will find relevant to their pressing concerns in the classroom.
Guest | 26/05/2006 01:00
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