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Mike Hughes, Author
This is quite simply an excellent book. The Teacher's Toolkit succeeds where so many books fail, in that it not only provides a comprehensive summary of the latest thinking in how the brain works and how people learn, it also offers a wealth of practical strategies for use in the classroom.

Indeed, it is the sheer volume of highly effective strategies that sets this book apart from most others in the field. This is a resource that you can dip into during a spare five minutes and discover a good idea for a lesson and busy teachers will no doubt appreciate both the range of ideas and the easy to read format. The range of strategies is such that all teachers, irrespective of their experience and area of subject expertise, cannot help to find a technique that will extend their personal repertoire.

However, this book is not just a collection of ideas; it is a collection of good ideas, grounded not only in the reality of the classroom but firmly based upon the emerging evidence of the working of the human brain. In section one, Paul provides an overview of learning and the learning process that serves as a rationale for the strategies that follow. It is a comprehensive yet concise summary of the latest thinking in the field, that is both informative and highly readable.

The section on learning styles is of particular value. Paul discusses the range of learning style classifications available and considers ways in which schools can accommodate different types of learner. His coverage of this topic is realistic and insightful and he manages to bring a clarity and sense of perspective to an issue that is so often oversimplified and misunderstood. It is worth getting the book for this section alone - all teachers and educators would benefit from reading it.

Paul Ginnis has produced an invaluable resource that is based upon research and the emerging science of learning but also outlines a range of effective and engaging approaches that have clearly been developed and refined within the context of real classrooms. As such it will find instant credibility with teachers. Many books have been written in recent years about learning ” few will make such an impact on practice.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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