Product reviews for The Teacher's Toolkit

Kathleen Ginn, Rapid Sensory Learning
On first glance the book is fairly intimidating because of its size and number of pages ” thus putting it into the category of “academic'. However on opening the pages one discovers the layout to be carefully thought out and simple to follow. I believe that this book would be highly beneficial as a book that one refers to constantly when required, rather than reading through in one sitting. I have found that photo-reading the book was great fun and thereafter I looked up the tool kits that caught my attention through their inventive headings.

The cartoon pictures add light relief and the actual glossary section and resource section are excellent guides to the amazing amount of change that is occurring around the world in “education'. As a trainer ” as opposed to teacher ” I found some of the suggestions useful and getting me to think deeper about my own presentation and delivery. I can see this book being a hit with teachers who are wanting guidance on how to “achieve effective learning' without attending many courses. Well written and worth having as a reference book on one's shelf.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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