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Dr Bernard Trafford, Author of `School Councils, School Democracy, School Improvement: Why, What, How`
Paul Ginnis is the author of the best single classroom and teaching resource I have ever come across. His 2002 book The Teacher's Toolkit: Raise Classroom Achievement With Strategies for Every Learner fully lives up to the claims of its title. Back in the 1990s when we teachers were being urged from many quarters to get back to chalk-and-talk and teaching from the front, Ginnis's work might have been rubbished as “feely-touchy'. Now that we are starting to become aware of the huge range of pupils' intelligences, talents and learning styles - and the real implications of what we mean by “differentiation' which involves learning styles as well as differing abilities - we teachers are crying out for help of the kind that he gives us in this book.

I find myself wishing simply that Paul Ginnis had published this book years ago! It distils into a very convenient and accessible form so many of the things towards which we have been fumbling our way in my school without a lot of help from reasoned, researched or tested material ” until now.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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