Product reviews for Instant Relaxation

Terri Bodell
We all feel stress and we probably all have clients who are stressed too.

This book is crammed full of practical tips and exercises that can be used to cope with and diminish stress levels. Split into 7 chapters, each covering a specific stress coping skill it is very easy to read and gives the reader several different ways of dealing with stress " you can just choose which one(s) suit you, or your client, best. The book covers behavioural, emotional, physical and mental ways to combat stress in the workplace, at home and anywhere else too.

The third part of the book is a Personal Action Plan which you could easily adapt for your clients to use as part of their therapy or for homework assignments " or you could use it yourself and see just how effective it is!

A very useful tool for any therapist, particularly given the stresses that seem to accompany "life' these days.

Guest | 16/09/2005 01:00
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