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Michaela and Julian Gill, Aspire Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching
This is one of the best self help books on relaxation we have seen.

It contains a seven-day plan for reducing stress and achieving instant relaxation which includes a whole series of breathing and posture exercises, focused eye movement techniques, affirmations and visualisations ” All designed to facilitate access to what the authors call our “relaxed core state'.

The book is full of easy to follow exercises and instructions, (many NLP based), and culminates in the creation of a Personal Relaxation Plan.

The plan is flexible in that it allows individuals to choose from a “menu' of different anxiety reducing methods, but still within the framework of a goal orientated action plan.

The authors combine more traditional relaxation techniques with NLP based exercises in an accessible, straight-forward way and the book is interesting in that it offers explanations as to how and why the exercises actually work.

A bit different in approach to the usual relaxation “workouts' - especially the inclusion of the customised personal relaxation plan, which should help to embed the various techniques into everyday routines.

As therapists, we have been able to integrate the various exercises into both homework assignments for our clients, and in relaxation and stress management workshops.
Guest | 16/05/2007 01:00
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