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This is a book I may never have read. The title indicates a speciality which addresses the needs of those who stammer but the content does much more than that. It makes sense of the limiting beliefs we put upon ourselves and lights up a pathway of options for dealing with those limiters.

"In the early years children expect love and acceptance from the significant people around them, but often find that they are rejected for whatever reason. Actually, being rejected is inevitable; it is part of growing up."There are many times in the early years when children are learning to speak when they stumble and stutter as they express themselves. If the PWS (Person Who Stutters) learns to associate rejection from others with a particular behaviour " their blocking and stuttering " then the emotions surrounding that become dominant, and the child pays more and more attention to the way they are speaking."

The author talks about how a person's model of the world determines how they experience life at any moment and "If they tell themselves that they are a person of worth, they will live their life one way. If, on the other hand, they view themselves in a negative light with little or no power to navigate their world, they live their life in a more restricted way."

The book abounds with simple NLP techniques that fit well into the hypnotherapeutic model. Recognising the triggers that cause the person to block or stutter, finding the person's calm state, dealing with stress, changing perceptual positions to dissociate and observe from an objective viewpoint and explaining how to go about helping the person to create change and take control. One particular technique is the "Drop-Down Through pattern" and this is fully explained and having recently experienced it myself, I wholeheartedly endorse it.

I found the whole book fascinating and extremely readable. The author provides an insight into what can be done to loosen the mortar around long held beliefs and offers techniques that can help people who stammer change the way they think about themselves and how they relate to others.
Guest | 11/11/2005 00:00
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