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Alex McKie, Futurist
This is a book is a magical book ” it takes many forms at the same time. It is a source book of ideas and theories about leadership and motivation; it is a guide to the idea of storytelling and how to increase your power as a storyteller. It has a map of the world of the ideas and how they are developing in terms of social and personal values and what this means for people's motivation. The stories themselves inspire and console (leaders often have to be ahead of the game and this can feel lonely at time).

It taps into the eternal power of stories and storytelling. In the times before writing, knowledge and history relied on the powers of the storytellers ” both to remember what was known and to pass it on clearly and compelling so that the knowledge would be held by future generations. In these days of writing many have forgotten the power of stories. Too often in business language has become abstract and impersonal. It takes many pages and says nothing ” vast quantities of paper created and emailed and more forgotten than remembered. More Magic of Metaphor is a fantastic antidote to this.

Its structure makes it easy to navigate in these time hungry days ” you can find the bits you need very quickly. For me ease of navigation is one of the key elements of a book that needs to be bought. Too many books assume that there is only one way to read and that is determined by the writer. Like all good storytellers, Nick knows that the story needs to be adapted for, and by, the reader and listener. This is a book you can read and use in many different ways.

You can read it as a story in its own right. You can use it as a source book for ideas. The stories themselves will inspire thoughts and ideas in your own mind. It has a clear and concise explanation of the complex (and fascinating) theories behind Ken Wilber's work and Spiral Dynamics.

The 15 rules for good writing alone make it worth buying.

Those who think that storytelling is something that applies to the past and to children should be aware that the world of work is changing. Generation X and younger have very different views of work. They will not be told what to do and follow instructions. They expect their leaders and managers to communicate with them. And to do so with authenticity and integrity. They expect their managers to engage them and motivate them to participate ” it is a very different model to the old world of command and control. Storytelling will be a key skill; the theories that underpin More Magic of Metaphor will help to explain the changes that are happening.

It is a book I have enjoyed reading, that I know will be a constant guide and source and one that has begun to inspire stories of my own. Thanks Nick.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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