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Manjit Shellis, Director of Learning, University of the First Age
Jackie Beere sets out to write a really practical book, full of gentle advice and free from jargon or technical terms: this is exactly what she has done. The most useful research and writing from over the last two decades -“ from the worlds of education, neuroscience, positive and cognitive psychology -“ have been woven together in an easy-to-read, down-to-earth book that will appeal to anybody interested in personal change.

Jackie makes an important case for -˜growth' becoming the natural extension of -˜learning to learn'; that if we understand how our brains work, we can become much more purposeful with our understanding and unlock our true potential. Mindset, emotional intelligence and behavioural science are used to create a simple, yet powerful framework for change. Very compelling is the way, Jackie reframes -˜learning' into -˜growth'; a minor shift in some respects, but a major paradigm shift for educators in particular. Imagine an education system where personal growth is the main driver -“ all of a sudden, knowledge acquisition is no longer enough and young people's mental health matters as much as anything else. Hurray! However, this book is certainly not for educators alone. Aspiring to be happier, healthier and more productive in our relationships is something most of us strive for. This book shines a light on our current behaviours and offers us the choice of a possible new reality that we have the power to shape. Without judgement, and often using personal stories, Jackie offers alternative ways of dealing with very familiar situations, ways which ensure that we learn and grow stronger and more resilient. She also offers us the opportunity not only to affect change in ourselves but to support change in others by using coaching techniques.

Jackie does not pretend to offer anything radically new, but what she does do, with great humility, is offer a much needed, straightforward reminder of some incredibly powerful approaches that all parents, teachers, employees and employers cannot do without. I wish I could give this book to everyone I know!
Guest | 23/06/2016 01:00
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