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Zoë Elder, Executive Director, Clevedon Learning Hub, Independent Education Consultant and author of Full On Learning
GROW is a treasure-trove of ideas and insights into why we think, react and interpret the world in the ways we do. This fantastic book unpacks findings from the fields of cognitive psychology, personal development and self-help and gives us immediate and practical ways to use them in our own lives. With GROW, everything is gathered in one place, drawing together great ideas and valuable lessons from leading thinkers, scientists and business gurus, all focused on helping the reader set their own path and fulfil their goals.

With helpful self-reflection questionnaires, real-life stories and practical advice, GROW is a book for everyone with an interest in learning more about themselves, their colleagues, family, partners and society. GROW will help any interested reader to take their next steps, set their next goals and face their next challenges.
Guest | 23/06/2016 01:00
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