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Lynne D Feldman Lynne D. Feldman, M.A., J.D.Founder, Integral Education Yahoo List, Chair, New Jersey Character Education Network Action Team, Founder, Teen Freedom Corps, Honored Social Studies Teacher, Northern Highlands RHS, NJ
Nick Owen has consistently led the way in applying the emergent field known as integral education. Here is his best work yet, where readers either new to his work or references can profit immediately by his personalized approach to leadership and education.

His clear talent is immediately apparent as he explains in significant yet entertaining format the most compelling new approaches, while honoring the deep structures available to us all from archetypal storytellers.

And what is specifically beneficial both to scholars and practitioners is his “flagging” of each story to its particular Graves' value-memetic marker, as well as its appropriate application to Wilber's 4 quadrants: the singular interior, collective interior, singular objective, and collective objective.

Those new to or conversant with Ken Wilber's “aqal” map (all quadrants, levels, lines, states and stages of human development) and the Spiral Dynamics representation of meaning-making as propounded by Don Beck and Chris Cowan will find immediate treasures for transformation and growth here.

Having just returned from Integral Institute's intensive seminar on Integral Business and Organizational Leadership, I could immediately see the relevance of Nick's approach to any leader. Indeed, I did the unforgiveable and skipped right to my archetypal leadership pattern to discover which stories I could utilize in my specific positions.

So sit back, and try to savor each story as it weaves its magic within.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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