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Mario Rinvolucri, Teacher, teacher trainer Pilgrims Limited and writer
Story 56 shows the principles of this book in action:

Nick Owen is giving a plenary on Using Story-telling in Problem Solving. Five minutes into his talk a voice from the back shouts out ” I can't hear you” .

There is a faulty loudspeaker at the back and fifty people can't hear. Nicks invites them to come down to the vacant seats at the front. No one moves.

He carries on speaking but the same voice complains again. Nick goes up to the back of the hall so the people up there can hear him without amplification.
He tells a teenage story about how he used to wish that girls on their way back from school would walk up his garden path, knock on his door and invite him out. None of them did!

Waiting for others to solve your problems is often ineffective.

Again he invites the fifty people who cannot hear him down to the seats at the front. This time they come!

Stories to change beliefs, stories to modify behaviours, stories to help people out of ruts, stories to open up new vistas”“”“”” Nick Owen has provided us with a rich source of short tales we can readily use. Thank you Nick.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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