Product reviews for Clean Language in the Classroom

John T Morris BA(Hons),MEd,MPhil,CertEd, Director at Ymgynghorwyr Addysg JTM Educational Consultants
This is a stimulating, practical resource based on the author's extensive practical experience and the work of David Gore and other researchers. The text offers a range of ideas to support staff to use questioning and listening to extend the learner's thinking, personal reflection and communication skills more effectively. The book is well structured with excellent sections on -˜practice tips' and strategies to promote positive interaction.  As the author points out, too many children think they must have an instant answer and are not used to being given time -˜to think more deeply about their  response'. How many readers were taught by the teacher who asked a question, and then became assertive with a raised voice -˜come on, think, I haven't got all day to wait!!'? As the text underlines, the more effective teacher maximises engagement with a question and promotes the thinking skills of the learner by waiting for an answer with warmth, patience and enthusiastic expectancy. Many teachers will find the sections on metaphor, making a meal of spellings, mathematician magicians and facilitating learning extremely useful. This is an excellent resource for all schools keen to improve participation and learning outcomes.
Guest | 06/07/2016 01:00
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