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Nick Kemp
Nick Owen's More Magic of Metaphor is the follow up to his previously published The Magic of Metaphor. Nick is clearly a lover of stories and in the preface even categorises each story according to what he considers to be its relevant theme. In section one of the book Nick discusses how the use of metaphor can produce a whole range of useful outcomes and this chapter is appropriately called Preparations I especially liked the opening sections where he introduces the story of the young magician, but some who read this may feel that the author has suddenly leapt from one train of thought to another by writing in this manner! Personally I like the author's use of humour and he obviously has a good grasp of the principals of NLP, which he displays throughout this book.

The layout of the book is extremely good and each chapter is well presented with a combination of explanation, storytelling with the author denoting coloured flags to determine what he considers to be core values. These values include survival, safety/belonging, assertiveness, order/authority, experiment to win and consensus/harmony. This approach is taken from the field of Spiral Dynamics and this is the point in the book where some readers may become frustrated in how the emphasis and direction of the book has shifted form simply storytelling towards this new type of categorisation. Those who embrace the concept of Spiral Dynamics will find this introduction congruent to the book's title, those who don't, may be less forgiving, especially if they were expecting a continuation of Nick Owen's The Magic of Metaphor which is simply a collection of 77 stories.

In conclusion I enjoyed this book and would recommend it with the provision that the reader be aware that this book is not simply a collection of stories.

Nick Owen provides an excellent choice of tales from many great authors including Sun Tzu, Sidney Rosen and Robert Dilts, which ensures that the reader's interest is focussed on the central theme of leadership.
Guest | 08/03/2005 00:00
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