Product reviews for Opening Doors to Quality Writing

Barry J. Hymer, Professor of Psychology in Education, University of Cumbria in Lancaster
Oh what a joy to see creative English retrieved from the avaricious maws of -˜literacy'! Bob Cox's Opening Doors series will come as a profound relief to teachers and pupils who are desperate for some sanctuary from the life-sapping study of fronted adverbials, and who are instead up for the challenge of matching their skills against the great writers of the past - and in the process finding new ways to write with elegance, imagination, precision and power. I'm especially pleased to see the author making a compelling, supportive and instructive case for teachers to write themselves, since the best teachers are not just masters of didactics, they are also enthusiastic practitioners of their chosen field. Science teachers should practise science, music teachers should make music, and English teachers should read and write English. These books inspire us to do just that.
Guest | 14/07/2016 01:00
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