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This is a fantastic book. I highly recommend it. We won this through Toppsta and the publisher kindly laminated Sophie's certificate, which looks great to put on the wall.

It's a large book which is great to sit and read together, it also makes a great book for me to read to her on story time for bed.

The illustrations are unique and of a very high quality print.

The message on the first page is heart warming - the wonderful love of true friendship, and that is the centre of the philosophy for throughout this book. What a lovely heartwarming message.

The text is in a large size, great for little ones learning to read and with short sentences. The illustrations really come alive and pop up on each page.

The tale is about the friendship between Wolfgang and Catreen, a wolf and a cat. But a new pal comes along and upsets everything. Poor Wolfgang gets left out. But he found lots of new friends and fun and his dear friend came back. It deals with the hurt feelings beautifully. I especially like how the apology from Catreen comes along with a cup of tea. This handles this sensitive subject of friendship so delicately and brilliantly in rhyme. A beautiful story.

My Sophie sat and listened to it all in one sitting, she loved the pictures.

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Guest | 18/07/2016 01:00
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