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Melvyn Nicholas Ceng MIEE The IEE June/July
In the world of business and engineering, leaders who are influencers and motivators have always been around to ensure that creativity and innovation exist in their environment. However our greatest teachers all use varieties of anecdote, story parable and metaphor to put across their message in powerful and highly memorable ways.

The follow up to Nick Owen's first book, The Magic of Metaphor, uses story-telling to convey important lessons of leadership and motivation that arise in the everyday experiences of working life. The book explores the power of a story to inspire, inform and transform people's lives in seven sections and three comprehensive appendices where the psychological theory of how leaders and motivators do their job is discussed.

The first three sections are used to put the overall story in context and are told from the point of view of the student learning from a wise master. The book also uses an original colourful differentiation for each personality type, which allows the reader to introspect and relate to the situations of the stories.

The book is a wonderful representation of the knowledge and skills required for successful leadership and motivation in the style of interesting, inspiring parables.
Guest | 23/08/2005 01:00
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