Product reviews for Secondary Science

Dr Philip J Hains, Retired Head of Chemistry
Science is dynamic. It is not a -˜sit down', -˜be quiet' and -˜turn to page 6 of your notes' subject. 

That is the thrill of science subjects - discovery. 

As such, Catrin Green's first book is surely a must for every Science department. It is not a book to be consigned to the Head of Department's library shelf and brought out on -˜special' occasions but one that should be a blueprint for every science teacher's approach to their daily teaching strategies. Green's vision of science teaching is one of balance - the balance between scientific knowledge and scientific discovery through practical work, how refreshing in these days of -˜grey and faceless' teaching methodology.  Each must complement the other and this book should challenge every secondary science teacher to strive for that balance and, in doing so, stimulate the interest of their students in scientific process and knowledge so that more will want to follow science based academic and career paths. 

She also suggests innovative strategies for teachers to tackle challenging and conceptually difficult subjects within the science curriculum.

This book will rejuvenate more experienced teachers while confirming in their younger colleagues the original thrill and excitement they had when they first discovered science.
Guest | 21/07/2016 01:00
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