Product reviews for Bob and the River of Time

Kate Stansfield, mother of two
My views: I thought that Bob and The River of Time was a beautifully illustrated heart-warming story. The writing had a gentle rhythm and flow to it which made it easy for my children to understand. The message of the story around life being similar to the river journey with plenty of things to stop and wonder at, along with the certainty of the passing seasons offering new beginnings, was really lovely and reassuring for bedtime reading. The illustrations are just stunning - amazing colours, variety and attention to detail and also a strong sense of nature and wildlife which both my children and I really enjoyed. There are so many children's stories now that I groan at when I have to read them. This book is different - it's a modern classic that I believe both parents and children can enjoy. 

My children's views: My children thought that the book was very colourful with lots of interesting things to look at. They particularly liked the “unusual secret” referred to at the beginning which they said was exciting and made them want to hear more.  My 7 year old was comfortable reading it out loud and both children were totally engaged and interested for the whole story. They liked the “nice gardens” and seemed to really enjoy counting the animals and plants on each page. They also loved the facts and figures about the wildlife that Bob had encountered on his journey. I explained to them if they had understood what I felt was the meaning of the book (referred to above) and it was clear that they had. It was a definite hit.
Guest | 28/07/2016 01:00
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