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Daniel Araoz Dr., Diplomate in Clinical Hypnosis, American Board of Psychological Hypnosis, author The new hypnosis, Self-transformation through the new hypnosis, professor, C. W. Post Campus, Long Island University
We all have read with satisfaction about the wonders of hypnosis. We may tend to neglect the important point of this unique book. In our modern litigious society it is useful. If not necessary, to consider “the risks and adverse psychological effects that can arise from hypnosis” (p.v) Mr. Roger Hambleton takes his data from solid sources. As a matter of fact, the six cases he analyses in detail are from work published by well-known names in the hypnosis specialty. On the basis of his study he outlines five risk categories in the use of hypnosis and guides the reader “to avoid some adverse effects by the application of good practice management” (p.v). In this categorization the author relies heavily on the famous and controversial DSM.

The book contains an enlightening comparison of British, Australian and American law. Interestingly enough, the codes of ethical conduct of most occupations employing hypnosis are sufficiently specific to avoid the illegalities described by the author.

This is an important volume. Practitioners shall consult it when legal questions arise in the use of hypnosis. Students of hypnotism and trainees shall find here a concise learning guide. Ethicists shall realize that it is not easy to break the law with hypnosis for the careful practitioner or researcher. All will be reassured: hypnosis is not merely effective as a healing modality but also safe. The investigation conducted by Mr. Humbleton has all the hallmarks of serious research. This book is well worth reading.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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