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Roger Hambleton draws on his very extensive legal knowledge, and hypnotic research to produce this clear account of the situation concerning hypnotism and the law in Britain, the USA and Australia. It should be essential reading for anyone using hypnosis, whatever the circumstances, and be a set book for training schools.

Mr Hambleton evaluates the risks, and the legal implications of hypnosis used in the three major settings; for therapy, for entertainment, and for research. He also demolishes some of the myths surrounding hypnotic coercion in criminal acts.

He emphasises the need for complete dehypnosis, and the dangers if this is not carried out. In general terms hypnosis is both safe and effective when practised ethically and with care.

As a previous prosecutor and defender in criminal and civil cases, holding degrees in psychology, criminology, and law, in addition to a diploma in advanced clinical hypnotherapy the author is extremely well qualified in his subject. Nevertheless, this book is not merely for other lawyers or hypnotists. It is concise, factual, and easy to read for anyone interested in this subject.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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