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David Slater, The Hypnotherapist
There are basically three principal areas for the use of hypnosis, but I wonder how often we have thought about this.

The three areas are:
The above are areas in which professionals work. but we should never forget the amateur” who plays with hypnosis, once again usually for pure entertainment. Hypnosis within Clinical Therapy is now being more accepted as complementary to orthodox therapies whereby even GPs now are more willing, in some areas, to refer patients to such practitioners.

  1. in a cliniical setting - where hypnosis is used as a therapy in the sense that we use it as Hypnotherapists in practice.

  2. Upon the stage and on TV where we see hypnosis used, it is alleged, for the amusement and entertainment of the members of the audience

  3. In a laboratory where it features in experimentation and research.

Perhaps we naively assume that, at least in the three main areas of use, hypnosis is used safely and is carefully regulated. This book shows that our assumption may not be true as much as we would hope. In this highly original, unique and sometimes disturbing book, we explore the actual damage that can be caused by the improper application of hypnosis in all three of the highlighted areas - including. Worryingly, our own field of therapy.

The book surveys the situation in England, America and Australia and studies the use of legislation over assault and negligence, which is used to assess the practitioner's criminal arid personal injury liability. You will see and appreciate just why it is important that you are fully insured within your own practice. You cannot afford not to be.

The book is a disturbing but vital read to all of us in the Hypnotherapy profession, as well as to allied professionals, as it carefully brings together a wide range of research and case history for our examination and consideration.

Topics included are: civil and criminal assault, induction, informed consent, hypnotic coercion, pre-existing conditions and termination.

If you travel through this fascinating book you will discover commentary upon the history of hypnosis: induction scripts for use in conjunction with we collectively call “best practice” comparisons and discussion on the whole nature of hypnosis based on both real and theoretical issues.

-˜What are your views on what is called -˜Altered state of consciousness”? Read the book and I am convinced that you will have a total reawakening of your own awareness and a reassessment of your beliefs and understanding. This is a book which MUST appear on all practitioner's book shelves as well as on all training courses. The book is well worth reading in its own right BUT I think it also makes us think as practitioners. and that is no bad thing. Don't be afraid that all your ideas and beliefs are going to be overturned. Hypnosis IS effective as a healing resource. It IS safe in the hands of the professional.

This book gives the chance to the reader to learn more about the nature and development of hypnosis and its suitability as a healing tool.

One of the most fascinating books I have read for a long time and well worth YOUR time in reading it too.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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