Product reviews for Practising Safe Hypnosis

Trevor Silvester, Hypnotherapy Journal
The sub-title of the book is A Risk Management Guide, which didn't make me rush to pick it up because I'm an optimist by nature. It came as a pleasant surprise to find I really quite enjoyed it, and without doubt our profession is better for it having been written, and would be even better if therapists sat down and read it.

The author is a retired solicitor with a strong background in hypnosis who explores the damage that can be done by the misapplication of hypnosis in clinical, stage, and experimental settings. He uses the laws of negligence and assault to assess our criminal and personal injury liability and covers research and legal judgments regarding coercion.

For your money you also get a neat history of hypnosis, principle theories and a chapter on the nature of trance. Towards the end the author even includes some inductions and sensible advice about practice management that should keep us all out of trouble.

The kind of book you should read before you need to, and a healthy book for trainers to recommend to their students.
Guest | 15/09/2004 01:00
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