Product reviews for Dirty Teaching

Linda Lapere, Lecturer in Primary Education, University of Dundee
I have always admired Juliet's work and her contagious passion for outdoor learning and her first book certainly does not disappoint. Her style is engaging and practical throughout.

I also like the way she has not avoided or skirted around difficult or challenging topics such as -˜But what if a child does not like going outside?' and -˜I don't like bugs and bigger animals!'.

Juliet is also pragmatic about the challenges teachers may face in beginning outdoor learning with their class and describes how to start it and how well this can work even with the -˜liveliest' of classes.

It is a book you can either read from cover to cover or dip into. I will certainly be recommending this to my students on our undergraduate courses.
Guest | 30/08/2016 01:00
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