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Louise Triance, UK Recruiter
GROW: Change your mindset, change your life by Jackie Beere isn't written for a recruitment audience but I feel I can safely recommend it. In the book Jackie demonstrates how we can all change our mindsets, learn to learn and choose to think on purpose. Our thoughts and beliefs lead us to develop habits that can predict our success or failure.

The book is easy to read (although I have to admit I've not quite finished it yet) and in it she shares observations, stories and practical tools to help you, and others you care about, grow.

As recruiters, in touch with what makes people tick, we should know that thoughts can do amazing things. But you can understand and manage your feelings by growing the emotional intelligence (EQ) you need to become happier, wiser, kinder and more successful? Jackie asks if you see mistakes as failures, or opportunities to learn? Are your beliefs limiting you, or helping you grow? Do you control your negative thoughts, or are they controlling you? Are you aware of how your moods are contributing to your sense of wellbeing and overall happiness? This book gives you the tools to change your mindset and so transform your life.
Guest | 01/09/2016 01:00
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