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Toni R. Tollerud, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Personnel Consultant, College of Education/Provost Office, Northern Illinois University
The Wolf is Not Invited (Self-confidence) helps children to build resilience and to develop a positive voice about themselves and others. Positive self-talk is critical to mental wellness and leads to independence. What makes this story so valued comes from the fact that it is commonplace in children at this age, children who are mean to friends or shut them out to be with another friend.  The words are powerful: “Don't let your heart break though Catreen has left you”. Children get stuck and don't know what to do (adults too!) when they experience such hurt. The message is that you can move ahead, make new friends or even be alone for a while. Again, the kindness factor is there; when Catreen returns she is sorry for what she did and Wolfgang lets her back into his life. The element of forgiveness is also strong.  

In the teaching guide is a wonderful poem that helps a child learn yoga moves to accompany the poem.  This can be repeated daily to become a natural way to address stress and anxiety. Here is where the emotion cards are introduced.  As a classroom teacher or as a counselor these would be used extensively to help children both identify and to talk about their feelings.   The fact that they can be manipulated, held, touched, and moved is important at this age. Helping children identify all the feelings that are projected in this story is also a safe way to help them learn this. It teaches children that having a feeling is OK and that we should be able to share these openly. The self-confidence activities can be used with an individual or in a classroom.  The specificity of the activities is very helpful and would assist a teacher or a parent in accomplishing them. 
Guest | 02/09/2016 01:00
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