Toni R. Tollerud, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Personnel Consultant, College of Education/Provost Office, Northern Illinois University
Each book is unique in the concept that it addresses and each book can stand alone. However, the real value lies in using it all together as a series to promote courage, emotional literacy, and being brave. The name of the series certainly reflects this.

Points that I like about the series Feel Brave:

-¢ The same characters move from book to book

-¢ Readers will gain a familiarity and an attachment for characters

-¢ They wear the same clothes which is helpful for young readers

-¢ The books are written in rhyme

-¢ The color and pictures definitely enhance the stories and the learning

-¢ Excellent use of creativity and beautiful art shown on each page

-¢ Comes with an outstanding CD with picture display of books without words

-¢ Emotion cards

-¢ Illustrated Yoga moves

-¢ Outstanding teaching guide with detailed information, exercises and activities

-¢ Recipe for lavender playdoh

-¢ Magical sayings that can be taught, memorized and used over and over to train the mind of the reader (young and old)

-¢ Builds on positive emotions and self-regulation

MOST KEY POINT: The characters are generally kind to each other.

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, past Elementary and Secondary School Teacher, University Educator, and Grandma, I believe Feel Brave is an outstanding series that will be a valued resource for parents, care-givers, and teachers. It is sensitive to the developmental needs of children ages 4-7 and reflects activities that promote positive psychology, social-emotional literacy and mental wellness. It is a series I would recommend to professionals and parents and would use myself with my own grandchildren when the time comes. I would also see it as applicable in doing therapy with families who have young children. The messages are strong and positive, but also presented in a colorful, inviting, and fun approach.

The only concern I have for the series is the use of -˜magic' wording. While I find the use of magical talk stimulating and acceptable, I believe there may be some adults who will be threatened by this language and consequently would not support the series. Frankly it is their loss.
Guest | 02/09/2016 01:00
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