Ross Maynard FCMA, Ideas into Action
Roger Allen presents a comprehensive and extremely elegantly written collection of scripts for all aspects of hypnotherapy - inductions, deepeners, and scripts for a wide range of specific problems. I particularly like the sections on pain management (including visiting the dentist), smoking cessation, negative emotions, bereavement, and accessing “lost” memories. There's also a small collection of very nice metaphors and a number of short essays on related topics including stage hypnosis, anchoring, parts therapy and others. Personally I would also have liked some essays on the practicalities of running a hypnotherapy practice (I am sure Mr Allen has a lot to share on that) but this, perhaps, is not the book for that. Nevertheless, this is an excellent collection of scripts for all practising hypnotherapists - all of them beautifully written.
Guest | 13/11/2008 00:00
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