Product reviews for WTF Just Happened?

Annie Othen, broadcaster and journalist

As we go through life, ducking and diving the slings and arrows that fire in our direction, we face many WTF moments. Undoubtedly, some of these moments are joyful, ones to cherish and rejoice in. All too often, they are not. These moments, be they of great magnitude or not, can leave us scarred, scared, sad and sceptical. It's how we react to, deal with and move on from these WTF challenges that really counts. Sadly, for some, 'moving on' and learning positively from those experiences, or even avoiding them in the first place, isn't easy. Many will battle on through life (or, tragically, not) lugging all those WTF moments behind them like excess baggage. Enter life coach and psychologist Martin Goodyer.

This is not, he maintains, a self-help book. Heaven knows there are enough of those around. No, writes Goodyer, the self-help bit is up to you. He does, however, draw on a myriad, sometimes complex, range of life stories, with something for everyone to relate to at some point. These stories range from how to avoid putting up with unhappiness, how to avoid saying 'what if' and 'if only', how to avoid missing an open door, how to avoid missing out on life to, finally, the conclusion; how to avoid being a loser.

Take note: the stories, drawn from Goodyer's years of life coaching, are not sugarcoated. The stories, with subsequent suggested actions and strategies, make it possible to alter the course of your own life, move on from the WTF moments and avoid too many WTFs in the future.

This is a practical, common-sense, no-nonsense, easy-to-read work. Goodyer writes with empathy but is plain-speaking, offering strength, encouragement, strategy and reflection in equal measure. It's a sensible toolkit to aid you in altering the course of your life and dealing with those slings and arrows.

Guest | 16/09/2016 01:00
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