Product reviews for The Collaborative Leader

R. Frank Pucelik, Pucelik Consulting Group, INLPTA, and ANLP
Ian and Michael have been great thinkers and creators of quality information for the field of NLP for many years and their latest effort is certainly something special. Collaborative leadership, for most writers, is like trying to organize smoke. Ian and Michael have managed to be systematic, carefully specific (where most have failed), and even pragmatic in this effort to help us all understand, and actually learn how to use, the wonderful and valuable systems of collaboration. I really appreciate their careful explanation that leaders must make sure that their own preconceptions and habits are fully understood and sometimes changed. So, here we have critically important skill sets, presented at the right time in our ongoing effort to help organizations and teams move toward excellence. They have professionally identified principle and skills in a way that is pragmatic enough to be incredibly useful. Right information, right time, right presenters. It doesn't get better. Get the book and find out for yourself what a sterling job these two men have done, again.
Guest | 16/09/2016 01:00
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