Product reviews for Opening Doors to Quality Writing

John T Morris BA(Hons),MEd,MPhil,CertEd, Director at Ymgynghorwyr Addysg JTM Educational Consultants
In the two books the author uses outstanding literary texts to encourage, support and challenge children of all ability levels to broaden and extend their experience of literature. Evidence shows that for many children exposure to quality literature after the age of six is frequently limited. The books are suitable for teachers and parents/guardians as the author offers support and guidance on strategies to involve, enthuse and inspire children to improve understanding of texts. His use of talking partners, evidence circles and other strategies all enable the listener/ learner to identify key elements of a poem or writing and develop skills and confidence to apply what they have learnt in extension activities.  

Bob Cox's experience and skills as a teacher who inspires and engages learners by the use of quality written material are key features of these two books. The wide range of teaching, delivery and learning strategies to promote knowledge, understanding and challenge for independent thinking are outstanding.  
Guest | 30/09/2016 01:00
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