Product reviews for Secondary Science

Teach Secondary magazine, issue 5.6
-‹Secondary school science teachers have always had a tricky balancing act to perform - charged with delivering vast swathes of content, much of it highly complex, in such a way that young people at least stand a chance of developing a genuine enthusiasm for the subject, alongside the ability to think and reason scientifically (oh, and pass exams too). And of course, as we are repeatedly told, doing this successfully is more important now than ever, thanks to the oft-cited STEM skills gap. According to Phil Beadle, who edited this book, Catrin Green is someone who has always managed this balancing act in style, teaching lessons that are relevant, exciting and fun as well as covering the curriculum effectively. In this brilliantly readable guide, she shares her experience and techniques; suggesting  new ways to approach key topics, and activities to ignite the curiosity, wonder and awe that keep true scientists on a lifelong journey of discovery.
Guest | 30/09/2016 01:00
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