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If you are thinking of becoming a trainer or you want to improve your presentation skills this is an excellent book to read. Not only does it deal with the fundamentals of NLP but also techniques for managing your internal state. If only more trainers read a book like this we wouldn't die of boredom watching some of them! There are a number of great techniques for communicating with mis-matchers, building rapport with a group and matching voice tonality and posture.

The chapter on 'energy' is very good, showing you not only how to keep up your energy levels but also how to connect with the energy of the group. The book also looks at using 'space' and setting up deliberate anchors so that you interact easily with the audience.

Non-verbal communication is a vital part of any presentation and the authors discuss the Satir categories: leveller, placator, blamer, computer and distractor. Short of going on a full training course (which will set you back a couple of thousand) this is a great read if you want to brush up your presentation skills. And even if you have been on a trainer's course the book is great far a quick revision of everything you should be doing to present magically!

Guest | 03/10/2016 01:00
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